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Safety Products for Parents

Contact Bands for The Family

Your school may now use Contact Bands on all school outings that are reusable silicone wristbands which carry a 'phone number and enable the speedy reunion of lost or separated children. Contact Bands are designed to keep your children extra safe and give you peace of mind as soon as you step out of your front door. Our popular red silicone bands for schools are now available in natural rubber yellow bands for parents.
It is a fact of life that children may get separated from you at the park, on a busy shopping trip, at the beach, on holiday, at the airport and fortunately nearly all lost children are reunited with their parents by another adult. Although our parent products will provide an emergency number if children are separated from you, it  is not just for when they are lost. You may need to be contacted urgently if your children are at a party, at their friend’s house for tea, or a school club.
The 'Parent Pack' Contact Band is a natural rubber band that is specially made to measure to fit over a child’s wrist with a personalised contact number, mobile or landline. It is easy, comfortable and ’cool’ to wear so your child will actually want to wear it. If your child wears the correct size then not only is it not going to fall off, but it will not become undone, ‘un-poppered’ or ‘un-velcroed’ and it can even be worn in the water.

MULTIPLE USE – can be used over and over again

PERSONALISED – with your telephone number

LONG LASTING PRINT – water and stretch resistant

PERFECT FIT* -- 3 of each of the 3 band sizes - Small/Medium/Large - are included in the 9 band pack

POPULAR – Yellow natural rubber wristbands worn happily by children

REUSABLE - the marker pen included can be used to re-apply 'phone number details as they change or fade during play !
A simple way of enhancing a child’s safety, our parent pack of 9 bands is printed with the slogan: ‘IF I AM LOST LOOK INSIDE’. All you need to do is write your chosen phone number on the inside of the bands with the permanent market pen included in your pack.

ORDER YOUR CONTACT BANDS NOW! The pack includes 9 yellow wrist bands in 3 sizes, that fit all children, and a marker pen. Price per pack is £6 incl. p&p.
Please send a cheque payable to ELF SAFETY LTD and your address to:       PO BOX 999, REIGATE, RH2 2AF. Your order will take approximately 28 days for delivery.

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Through teaching, your children can learn about the best person to approach if lost - e.g. a mother with a child, a shop assistant, a policeman or a security guard. It is so important for your children to have your mobile 'phone number on them as the majority of adults carry a mobile 'phone and will be able to call you immediately.

*3 band sizes are available – Small -  140mm bands to fit most 1-4 year olds, medium - 160mm bands to fit most 4-8 year olds and large - 180mm bands to fit most 8 – 12 year olds.

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