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About us

The Story behind CONTACT BANDS

ELF Safety Ltd was set up by Grant and Sarah Teasdale in 2006. Sarah was running an after school care club for 5-7 year olds and was already extremely mindfull of child security. Whilst on Bournemouth beach in August 2005, Sarah helped a mother find her lost child. With help of other parents they searched the sand and sea for 25 minutes and tried to calm the hysterical mother. Finally the little boy was located at the lifeguard station over a mile away. On watching the relieved and happy family playing together again Sarah's daughter Ellen, aged just 9 at the time remarked, ” If that little boy was wearing a wristband with his mum’s ‘phone number on it then someone could have called her and it wouldn’t have taken all that long to find him”.
So the idea of Contact Bands was formed and so too ELF Safety Ltd, to produce identification bands that help safeguard children.  Reducing the time of separation also reduces the risk of something else happening during that time, not to mention reducing the time a child is alone and distressed. Contact Bands are now used by parents and over 10% of schools in the UK.


Our company is all about maximising the safety of everyone’s ’little’ people and named after our precious children - Ellen who is 9, Lewis who is 6 and Felix who is 2

Elf Safety Ltd - call us on 01737 247177