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Products for Schools and Organisations

Contact Bands for Schools

It is a silicone band that is specially made to measure to fit over a child’s wrist with a personalised contact number, mobile or landline. It is easy, comfortable and ’cool’ to wear so your child will actually want to wear it. If your child wears the correct size then not only is it not going to fall off, but it will not become undone, ‘un-poppered’ or ‘un-velcroed’ and it can even be worn in the water.

MULTIPLE USE – can be used over and over again on multiple trips, making them the most cost-effective safety bands for your children

PERSONALISED – with your school name and land-line number or the party leader’s mobile number

HYPO-ALLERGENIC – 100% silicone is safe and highly durable

LONG LASTING PRINT – water and stretch resistant

PERFECT FIT – 3 band sizes are available :- small - 140mm bands to fit most 1-4 year olds, medium - 160mm bands to fit most 4-8 year olds and large - 180mm bands to fit most 8–12 year olds, are available. We will accept mixed orders at no extra cost.   Please call or email us for samples of all sizes.

POPULAR – these red silicone wristbands will be worn happily by children

REUSABLE - To the best of our knowledge these are the only personalised, Reusable wristbands available in the UK

COST EFFECTIVE - contact Bands are an extremely cost-effective, simple way of enhancing a child’s safety



Our company is all about maximising the safety and minimising risk for everyone’s ’little’ people and named after our own precious children - Ellen, Lewis and Felix, hence Elf !

Elf Safety Ltd - call us on 01737 247177