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Minimising the Fear of Loss

For parents, teachers, club leaders, nursery and play workers, childminders and everyone else who is committed to looking after children there is no greater fear than losing a child. On a school outing, trip or even on the way to and from school, should a child become lost or separated from the party they can quickly become confused, disoriented and frightened. It is therefore essential that a contact number for the school or party leader is readily available.

Contact Bands
are the simple, affordable and effective way to help lost children and enhance their safety: Fully personalised with your school name and contact details, Contact Bands will aid a faster reunion of missing children and will reduce distressing separation times.

Contact Bands are designed to minimise this risk by providing contact details for anyone finding lost children and have been successfully used by schools throughout the world to increase the safety of children when outside school or home.

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"It’s  a dreadful feeling if you become separated from a child; the time it takes to reunite you and your child is pure agony. As parents of three young children and having managed after school clubs, I know this only too well"- Sarah Teasdale

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